Plug-in EVs hit record highs

Electric cars have exploded in popularity in recent years. Recent research has found that the amount of electric plug in vehicles in Britain increased by around 75% in 2018.

Plug-in EVs hit record highs

This massive increase means that there are now over 195,410 plug-in cars driving on British roads, which is a record high. And plug-in cars aren’t the only eco-friendly car rising in popularity – the number of battery, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars has also increased by 30%.

The green movement

The main reason for the rise in EVs is the green movement. Research has found that more people than ever before care deeply about going green, and people are implementing this in various ways. Some people recycle more, some people go vegan and some people invest in eco-friendly vehicles.

The rise in EVs in the UK has already had an impact on fuel emissions – a study has found that there has been a 17.8% decrease in UK emissions, which is currently the lowest it has ever been for the UK.

Another reason for the rise in EVs is that they have become more accessible. Now there are lots of different EV cars to choose from, so there are different sizes and styles to suit different needs. The cars are also more affordable, which means that more people can invest in them.

Currently there are over 1,600 different types of EV, as well as almost 68,000 different types of specifications, so it is possible to get large family EVs, as well as small sporty EVs!

Plug-in EVs hit record highs

Currently the most popular option seems to be the supermini; they make up around 33.2% of all EV cars, which is a fairly significant chunk. However, family cars are also very popular, and so are dual purpose cars.

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Brexit could affect EV cars

The company behind the EV research has said that Brexit could have an impact on the popularity of EV cars in the UK in the future. This is mostly due to the uncertainty that is currently surrounding Brexit: car companies are going through enforced shutdowns, and other car manufacturers are having to cut jobs as they are not sure on what the outcome will be after Brexit.