How are your competitors benefiting from VoIP?

In 2016, 45% of UK businesses were already using VoIP. Today, that figure is over 50%. Nevertheless, that means nearly half aren’t, and many businesses that have made the switch still don’t understand the many opportunities their new systems provide. Mastering VoIP before your rivals is a chance to steal a march and improve your competitiveness.

How are your competitors benefiting from VoIP?


No business that carries on today like it did 20 years ago will survive much longer. Telecommunications have exploded, and the generation that has grown up with it expects to find and conduct business on the move, through social media, by googling, and through GPS – and they expect to do it fast.

Half of today’s young people don’t even know what a phone book is. They don’t watch BBC or ITV, and they don’t buy newspapers. They aren’t even keen on carrying cash. If they want a certain item, they’re as likely to buy it from Seoul as from Southall, and the most they expect to do is tap in a card number to complete the deal.

If you can’t connect with your customers almost instantly and by a variety of means, you’re already losing.

How are your competitors benefiting from VoIP?

Once your VoIP account is in place, you can connect to it from anywhere using your mobile phone or a wifi router. You can make a call with an IP handset or with the speaker and microphone in your laptop, have a voice call sent to you as an audio file by email, or auto-dial from an Outlook address book.

In short, you and your staff are connected and interconnected with all your customers and clients and with each other.

How can I afford it?

The services provided by a wholesale VoIP termination provider like enable your business to go global without expensive hardware and at rates as cheap as a local call. A wholesale VoIP termination provider negotiates with all the foreign exchanges and internet infrastructure providers to deliver call connections at wholesale prices; for more information, see The more you use your new phones, the greater your savings, so there’s an incentive to reach out to clients, maintaining your relationship with them, cross-selling and increasing brand awareness.

Many of your employees can even work from home, reducing the need for expensive office space and retaining their skills even through times of competing family commitments.